Apartments can be built anywhere.  Harbors cannot.

Apartments can be built anywhere. Harbors cannot.

The Harbor & Beach Community Alliance does not oppose development at Channel Islands Harbor. We supported and continue to support the replacement of the hotel on Peninsula Road. We want Fisherman’s Wharf, which is the gateway to the harbor, revitalized but with the right development, one designed clearly for visitor serving and harbor related uses and with genuine public access as the priority.

Fall Fundraiser 2018

Fall Fundraiser 2018

THANK YOU TO ALL friends and neighbors who understand how lucky we are to have such a beautiful harbor and realize the importance in opposing the Fisherman’s Wharf 400 apartment project. Our harbor is one of the most beautiful small boat harbors in the nation. WE HAD...

What we want to see CHANGED at the Harbor

About HBCA What do we want? WE WANT Development that is consistent with the Coastal Act and is visitor-serving and harbor-oriented. WE WANT Going forward, what is needed is an updated Public Works Plan with a comprehensive Master Plan for the entire harbor. WE WANT...