Existing and proposed residential for Fishermans wharf Oxnard

What’s Next for Channel Islands Harbor – Update August 23, 2020

It was a rare unanimous 12-0 vote by the Coastal Commission denying the County’s attempt to override the City of Oxnard’s denial of a Local Coastal Plan Amendment to allow the massive 400 apartment building at Fisherman’s Wharf. BUT – it’s NOT OVER!

California Coastal Commission Denied the OVERRIDE 8/12/2020

Coastal Commission 2020 Override decision – watch the video!

8-12-2020 – Reasons to deny the request by Ventura County Harbor Department for an LCP amendment override

California Coastal Commission Hearing August 12, 2020 South Central Coast District Agenda Item: 19 Local Coastal Programs (LCPs) City of Oxnard LCP Amendment No. LCP-4-OXN-20-0007-1 (Ventura County...
Ventura County 2nd vote on June 23 gives away the harbor to high end apartment developer

6-29-2020 Ventura County BOS 6-26-20 RE-Vote to extend ERNs for CIHP – Brown Act Violation

6-29-2020 Harbor and Beach Community Alliance charges violation of California’s Brown Act, which ensures transparent government processes and public access, during a regular public Board of Supervisors’ meeting June 23. The issue at hand was a proposed nine-month extension of a developer’s Exclusive Right to Negotiate for three land parcels at Channel Islands Harbor.

June 23, 2020 Items On The Ventura County Board of Supervisors Agenda for Harbor Department

6/23/2020 Ventura County Board of Supervisors Steve Bennett requested reconsideration and to rescind his vote AFTER the next item was called – his vote changed the outcome in favor of the developer once again granting extensions for Exclusive Rights to Negotiate
Read more about BOS meeting June 23, 2020


We are your friends, neighbors and boaters. You’ve seen us educating and advocating for issues that impact our Harbor and Beaches. We speak up at Board of Supervisor Meetings. We circulate Petitions and write Letters to the City and County. Ask any neighborhood activist you will probably discover they are fellow HBCA volunteers. Harbor&Beach Community Alliance was created to preserve public access to coastal land. Oppose Harbor and Beach development that is not in the interests of the community and the environment. Communicate with local community and government agencies to protect public safety and access.

Next Steps…

Oppose Apartments at Fisherman’s Wharf (Amendment #7)

400 Luxury Gated Apartments 55 ft Tall Massive Concrete Building 2 City Blocks Long Adds about 1,000 cars at Victoria and Channel Islands Blvd. Removes 4 Acres of Fisherman’s wharf and public parking. Donate to Save Public Land from Private Profiteering.


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About HBCA

What do we want?


Development that is consistent with the Coastal Act and is visitor-serving and harbor-oriented.


Going forward, what is needed is an updated Public Works Plan with a comprehensive Master Plan for the entire harbor.


Going forward, we would like to see a “change” to an open, transparent RFP (Request for Proposal) process at the harbor with open bidding for development that is not limited to apartment developers’ proposals. In addition, when the existing ERNs expire in a year and a half, an open rebidding process should be implemented.