HBCA Update

October 2017– August 2018 The following is a brief timeline of events related to proposed development in Channel Islands Harbor between October 2017 and August 2018. October of 2017 The...

Fall Fundraiser 2018

THANK YOU TO ALL friends and neighbors who understand how lucky we are to have such a beautiful harbor and realize the importance in opposing the Fisherman’s Wharf 400 apartment project. Our harbor...

Update on Fisherman’s Wharf Proposed 400 Apartment Complex

The County continues to be intractable.  The County, in Lyn Krieger’s July 20, 2018, letter to the City repeats the request that the City’s Local Coastal Plan (LCP) be made to conform to...

Update on Harbor Water Quality

An organized effort by the Channel Islands Neighborhood Council and CIYC filed letters with the Water Quality Control Board (WQCB) urging that the NRG permit for final closure of the...

An Open Transparent Update of the Harbor’s Public Works Plan – or…

The public must continue to demand a comprehensive update of the PWP for the harbor. What business can be effective and efficient without a plan? Now the new Harbor Director can demonstrate how he will operate the harbor – with piecemeal planning or an updated comprehensive Public Works Plan.


We are your friends, neighbors and boaters. You’ve seen us educating and advocating for issues that impact our Harbor and Beaches. We speak up at Board of Supervisor Meetings. We circulate Petitions and write Letters to the City and County. Ask any neighborhood activist you will probably discover they are fellow HBCA volunteers. Harbor&Beach Community Alliance was created to preserve public access to coastal land. Oppose Harbor and Beach development that is not in the interests of the community and the environment. Communicate with local community and government agencies to protect public safety and access.

Next Steps…

Oppose Apartments at Fisherman’s Wharf (Amendment #7)

400 Luxury Gated Apartments 55 ft Tall Massive Concrete Building 2 City Blocks Long Adds about 1,000 cars at Victoria and Channel Islands Blvd. Removes 4 Acres of Fisherman’s wharf and public parking. Donate to Save Public Land from Private Profiteering.


Please support our ongoing effort!


About HBCA

What do we want?


Development that is consistent with the Coastal Act and is visitor-serving and harbor-oriented.


Going forward, what is needed is an updated Public Works Plan with a comprehensive Master Plan for the entire harbor.


Going forward, we would like to see a “change” to an open, transparent RFP (Request for Proposal) process at the harbor with open bidding for development that is not limited to apartment developers’ proposals. In addition, when the existing ERNs expire in a year and a half, an open rebidding process should be implemented.